Department | Pathology


The word pathology is derived from two Greek words - "pathos" meaning suffering and "logos" meaning study. Pathology is thus scientific study of structure and function of body in disease. Pathologists are the diagnosticians of disease. Therefore knowledge and understanding of pathology is essential for all the future doctors. This subject is taught during second year of M.B.B.S.


The department is involved in providing diagnostics services in clinical Hematology, Cytopathology, Histopathology and clinical Pathology for the patients attending the Hospital.

A state of art of Blood Bank with facilities for collecting from suitable donors screening collected blood for various infected disease before labelling it for suitable transfusions and proper storage and cross matching with the prospective recipients.

Student laboratories are present in the department to teach the practical aspects of pathology to the students. Two demonstration rooms are available in the department with all the audio visual facilities.